High-Coverage Crypto Market Data

GoQuant offers the most expansive institutional crypto market data.

Why GoQuant?

330+ Exchanges
Even the smallest exchanges can be traded
15,000+ Assets
Altcoins, stablecoins, memecoins - we've got them all
Tick Data
Data at the smallest and custom frequencies
Orderbook, Trades, Quotes, OHLCV
All types of market data covered


The highest-coverage crypto market data

Integration with 300+ exchanges and 15,000+ assets
Advanced data cleaning processes ensure quality data
Tailored Solutions
Flexible data solutions for every firm's needs

The Journey

Company History

Jan 2021

Founding Date

  • GoQuant founded
  • by Denis Dariotis
Jan 2022

Data Infrastructure

  • Built complex
  • data ecosystem
Mar 2021

Large Coverage

  • Massive increase
  • in data coverage
Apr 2022

Product Launch

  • Successful crypto
  • product launch
Jul 2022

Pre-Seed Financing

  • Financing round
  • for rapid scaling


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The GoQuant Team

Denis Dariotis

Denis Dariotis

Founder & CEO

vasily konachenkov goquant

Vasily Konachenkov

Chief of Staff

Anthony Fiumidinisi GoQuant

Anthony Fiumidinisi

Chief Marketing Officer

Keeyan Ravanshid

Keeyan Ravanshid

Advisor - Digital Dash

Jon Neitzell

Jon Neitzell

Advisor - Anduril Partners

Ed Lavery

Ed Lavery

Advisor - Similarweb

Chris Petrescu

Chris Petrescu

Advisor - CP Capital

Katerina Lipatova

Katerina Lipatova

Advisor - CoinRoutes


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