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Ayu Full Interview
Full Interview with Denis Dariotis, GoQuant's CEO and Founder

In a comprehensive interview, Denis Dariotis, the young CEO of GoQuant, discusses the company’s evolution from a market data provider to a leader in order execution systems for the digital asset industry. Highlighting GoQuant’s response to client feedback and technological advancements, Denis outlines future plans…

Part 1
PART 1 - Founder Insights: Denis Dariotis on U.S. Regulatory Updates & ETF Approvals in Crypto

Our Founder & CEO, Denis Dariotis, was interviewed by AYU regarding U.S. regulatory developments, recent ETF approvals, and advances in trading infrastructure. Discover the value of digital asset industry partnerships and our role as a liquidity aggregator for direct market access and high-performance price execution.

PART 2 - Founder Insights: Denis on GoQuant's Evolution from Market Data to Advanced Execution Systems

In this engaging conversation, Denis, Founder & CEO of GoQuant, shares the company’s strategic evolution from its origins as a premier provider of low latency live market data to its current position as a developer of an advanced order execution system. Reflecting on GoQuant’s growth…

Part 3
PART 3 - Founder Insights: Revolutionizing Digital Asset Trading Infrastructure

In this captivating segment of our interview series, delve deeper into the heart of digital asset trading infrastructure with Denis. Discover how he’s tackling latency, privacy, and pricing issues head-on to reshape the trading landscape. Tune in now for a glimpse into the future of…

Part 4
PART 4 - Founder Insights: Navigating Crypto Trading's Evolution for Hedge Funds

In an insightful interview, our founder unveils how we’re revolutionizing crypto trading for hedge funds, emphasizing robust, tailored solutions that overcome industry barriers. Discover our unwavering commitment to delivering excellence and enabling strategic growth. With initiatives aimed at equitable market access, we’re setting new standards…

Part 5
PART 5 - Founder Insights: Multi-strategy Funds in Crypto Trading

Explore the rise of multi-strategy funds across hedge funds and their potential impact on the crypto space. Gain insights into how diversifying into crypto strategies can help hedge funds manage risk and enhance portfolio performance. Discover the evolving landscape of trading strategies and infrastructure requirements…

Part 6
PART 6 - Founder Insights: Global Perspectives on Crypto Regulation

Gain valuable insights into the global landscape of crypto regulation from our founder. Discover the shifting preferences of clients towards regions with favorable regulatory environments, such as the Middle East and the UK. Explore the potential impact of regulatory clarity in the US on the…

Part 7
PART 7 - Founder Insights: The Impact of ETF Approval on Crypto Adoption

In a conversation between Denis and Gus, Denis provides insights into the potential timing of regulatory clarity in the crypto space. He discusses the significance of the Bitcoin ETF as a potential indicator of progress and assesses expectations versus reality regarding institutional adoption. Denis also…

Part 8
PART 8 - Founder Insights: Predicting Crypto's Leap Towards Maturity and Regulation in 2024

As we look ahead, our founder shares a visionary perspective on the trajectory of the crypto industry for 2024, forecasting it as a pivotal year of maturity and consolidation. Amidst the backdrop of past turbulence, such as the notable FTX scandal, there’s an anticipated weeding…